A Year in Bloom!
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Over 20 years have passed since we have made this farm our home.  It had overgrazed, compacted, and depleted soil.  Frank has been a plant collector for over 60 years now.  Our ten acre farm proved a good amount of space to indulge in our passion for growing things.  I am most fond of the kitchen garden, greenhouses, and starting seeds.  Frank loves nearly all plants.  They say it takes 10 years to make a good garden.  I looked around last year and saw that our garden was a “mature garden” now.  I started a documentary, with photos, of ALL the plants, trees, and shrubs that bloomed in our gardens for one whole year.  This is the result.  HUNDREDS of gorgeous photos!  If you want to see what that tree looks like full grown, now you can see.  If you want to know if that bush will do well in full sun, now you can see that for yourself.  It will be a lush, fast moving show with lots and lots of gorgeous photos.  If you are a gardener, a lover of nature, or just beautiful living plants, this should appeal to most everyone.  Email me to arrange a time for a showing.  Allow at least 1 hour for the presentation.

Isn’t it time you stopped to smell the roses?!!


The Sunflower Squirrel”

written by Laara C Oakes
Illustrated by Christina Allen
Published by Corn Crib Publishing

Illustration by Christina Allen for “The Sunflower Squirrel”


The Sunflower Squirrel is a children’s book about a squirrel who plants a garden so he, and his animal friends, have food for the winter.  What’s not to like about this book?!  Garden’s, flowers, animals, food security topics….working together!!!

I’m also illustrating and publishing a children’s activity book for the Patuxent Tidewater Land Trust with Izzy the Terrapin Turtle (an actual friendly turtle that lives at St. Mary’s College Biology Department!)

Preliminary drawing for Patuxent Tidewater Land Trust children’s activity book “Izzy the Terrapin Turtle”

Illustrating and publishing quality books is a lengthly process.  I expect a 2018 copyright date for both titles.  If you would like first notice of the release of either book, just enter your name below:

My FIRST SOLO SHOW at the North End Gallery, Fenwick Street, Leonardtown!  OCTOBER, 2017

“Food and Farms” is the theme

New paintings by Christina Allen

“Apple Blossoms” watercolor 8″x10″ SOLD

We have a small not-certified organic farm in St. Mary’s County where we raise much of our yearly food.  A friend once told me, “Christina, it’s not ALL about food.”  But I thought about it and think she is wrong.  It IS all about food.  You are either eating, or at the other end of the food chain in this world.  And we work so that we may eat, and eat well.  Food also is centered around friends and family and rituals.  But how many other people know where their food comes from?  Did they know the chicken on their plate?  Do they know the farm and the farmer where their vegetables come from?  Did they know the person who worked to grow and harvest their dinner?

People are eager to know more about their food supply. We are on the Southern MD Trails and get lots of farm visitors every year.   I have had to cut off visitors a few months ago because I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The community seems genuinely shocked the I (the super healthy one!!) would get cancer.  My super-healthy mother died of cancer 5 years ago.  And my biological father died of cancer just a few months ago.  So, I inherited some defective genetics.  Or, it could have something to do with the superfund site from a company that contaminated the drinking groundwater, just two miles from my childhood home, in Groveland, MA.  Who can know?  Clean water and food matter.  It makes me care even more how we treat the soil and this land we only borrow for a while, before we pass it on.  I have no illusions that I will die of something.  But the quality of one’s life while we are here matters.  I’m doing great.  (The doctors are thrilled with my strength.)  I expect 100% recovery from my cancer.  I’m the lucky one here.

So, the healthy food and commitment to a healthy lifestyle are not for naught.  I have no regrets.  Our farm has served us well.  I like to think it made the difference from me dying from this disease, or having the strength to weather the treatments and to get to live to an old age… with a lovely quality of life throughout.

Come share a couple of years of new paintings inspired by food and farms.  They, food and farms, are my life’s works.  Do you dream recipes too?

Food at the reception from local Sassafras Organic Farm, and our own Allen’s Heirloom Homestead.  Catering provided by Quality Street Kitchen, Leonardtown.


“The Knarley Old Tree” water media on handmade paper

New Postcards!

“Sara’s Flock” 4″x 6″ original watercolor (also available as art postcards $.50/each)

Coloring Postcards!

preview copy  preview-2 copy

I have made a series of postcards. One side you (or your children) can color. The other side has an image of MY postcard-sized original watercolor.  Packages of postcards, with coloring pencils, are available for sale now!

Here are some of the other original watercolors (and available as coloring postcards too!)  These are all small 8″ x 10″ framed paintings.

“Bushwood MD Farm” watercolor (also available as a coloring postcard)  SOLD

“Mocha Lamb” watercolor (also available as a coloring postcard) SOLD



“A Farmer’s Alphabet” won the 2016 National Bronze Evergreen Medal for (all ages groups of books) for Nature Conservation

It ALSO has won the Silver Moonbeam Award for children’s books!

eggoldA Farmers Alphabet Covers,smaller

My latest illustrated children’s book “A Farmer’s Alphabet”, written by Charles Long, illustrated by Christina Allen.  Published by Corn Crib Publishing.  Get your signed copy today at the special author’s price of $18.00, plus S&H



WINNER of The Indie Award for Excellence in Children’s Books, non-fiction!

Micro-Chip book12_30.indd

“A Micro-Chip on My Shoulder
Written and Illustrated by Christina Allen
$10.00 Soft Cover 


$18.00 Hard Cover, published by Corn Crib Publishing


Released by Corn Crib Publishing!!!!  The e-book of “A Micro-Chip On My Shoulder”!!!

$1.99 Kindle edition:    http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=A+Micro-Chip+On+My+Shoulder



“Momma Tree”, Illustrated by Christina Allen, written by Charles Long

WON The National “Mom’s Choice” Gold Award in Children’s Books!

AND, also, winner of The Gold National Moonbeam Award in 2015!

Momma Tree Cover, under 1mb   MCA_Logo_Color_72@2_Web

Softcover Book :
Hardcover Book :


Christina Allen lives in southern Maryland on a sustainable homestead with her husband Frank, cat Kiba, flock of sheep, rare Jersey Buff heritage turkeys, and heritage chickens.  She has been a professional artist for 37 years and is an avid handweaver, spinner, and knitter also.

Both Christina and her husband are serious gardeners (Frank for over 60 years and Christina for about 35 years), so plants, trees, and flowers are an important part of their life and her artwork. They practice sustainable gardening and raise much of their own food on their farm using organic techniques.

She can be found most days in working in her Corn Crib Studio. She has illustrated 3 children’s books. “A Micro-Chip on my Shoulder; A True Story of a Little Poult” written and illustrated by Christina Allen. “Momma Tree” was written by Charles Long and illustrated by Christina. It was published internationally by Dragon Tree Press.  And, “A Farmer’s Alphabet” written by Charles Long, Illustrated by Christina Allen, and published by Corn Crib Publishing.

Christina’s micro-publishing company called “Corn Crib Publishing” published “A Micro-Chip On My Shoulder; A True Story of a Little Poult” internationally, as a hardcover.  AND it has been released as an ebook for Kindle!!   (Look for it on Amazon.)

Christina got her BFA from the University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI and her Master’s from Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI.

24, resized  Original watercolor from “Momma-Tree” book


See  more original art on my Artworks page…

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