Christina’s Commute to Work – with Bachelor Buttons along the way

Christina Allen lives in southern Maryland on a sustainable homestead with her husband Frank, cat Kiba, flock of sheep, rare Jersey Buff heritage turkeys, and heritage chickens.  She has been a professional artist for 35 years and is an avid handweaver, spinner, and knitter also.

Both Christina and her husband are serious gardeners (Frank for over 60 years and Christina for over 30 years), so plants, trees, and flowers are an important part of their life and her artwork. They practice sustainable gardening and raise much of their own food on their farm using organic techniques.

She can be found most days in working in her Corn Crib Studio.

Christina got her BFA from the University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI and her Master’s from Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI.


4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I have a watercolor you created; I purchased it in Allentown, NJ in 1988. It is a landscape: to the front is an array of colorful flowers (predominately pink) intertwined in green shoots of grass and shrubs. A section of a home, with an orange-brick facade is pictured in the background; a telephone pole is on the extreme right. Did you name the piece? Your signature and date (1988) is placed on the right-side bottom. Do you have a gallery on-line to view?
    Thank you!

    • If you can send me a photo of the piece, that would help. I think you should be able to find many of my paintings online here at my website. Just click the Gallery tab on top. It’s a new website, so I am still adding photos and content.

  2. Christina, I just wanted to let you know I appreciate you using my poetry to inspire the painting you did of the sky, and to let you know that along with the passing of several relatives and friends, I had to deal with my own personal health issues and mortality this past year. My mother passed two days before Christmas, just a couple months ago. It means a lot to me that anyone would be able to benefit from the words I put to paper to heal not only myself, but others who suffer losses of loved ones and friends. I look forward to the final projects, and thank you again for the opportunity to help shine the light on my own life by reaching out to others. Wishing you well, and your painting is just beautiful. Leslie Steinback

  3. I’d like to visit your farm and learn more about your farm events; I’m a friend of Barbara Burnett. Do you have visiting hours, and can I b put on your mailing list? Thank you!

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