Summer Heat

I’m thankful for the pool.  Between the soreness from the cording therapy and the all-over needle feeling when I’m hot (on the left arm only), the pool gives much needed cooling and therapy for stretching.  I think I’m getting better range of motion (again).  I lost much motion from the tightness of the lymph cords.  But I can get my left arm almost overhead again. It hurts all the time.  I think, even though it is very hot, I will try to bicycle more.  I have not been doing as much of that and that may be why I’m having such difficulty getting going.  Yes, I did a lot of bicycling last week.  But that was not typical lately.  I wish I could finish some new paintings that are ones I just need to do.  I haven’t done much artwork just for myself.  Artists need to do that.

I feel like I should do more in the gardens to help Frank…but I am losing interest.  I guess I usually lose interest around July and August.  Maybe it’s just a little sooner than most years.  Let the gardens burn out until mid-August and then I can start the winter season.  I need a break from the gardens too.  They do look pretty this year with all the rain.  I will have tons of harvesting work.  Already Frank is hauling in blueberries, gooseberries, currents, etc. daily for me to put up.

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