Sept. 30, 2017 Going a bit stir-crazy…

I’m not supposed to lift anything, drive, or reach too far, after the surgery.  I’m not sick from chemo now, so I am going a bit stir-crazy NOT being able to bicycle, work in the garden, do projects that are waiting, mow the lawn, roll on my sides sleeping at night!!!!….all the normal things one likes to do.  Tomorrow my art goes to the North End Gallery for my October show.  Monday my drains come out FINALLY (I hope)!!!!   And none too soon.  The fluid drains tether me to distraction.

I have found a place very convenient to my radiation treatment facility at Johns Hopkins for the 5-6 weeks I will have to do that, every day (except weekends) starting about the end of October.  It sounds like a nice place: a guest house on a horse farm, just north of the Lutherville facility.  I’ll stay there 4 nights a week and come home Fridays, after my treatment, for the weekends.  There’s no way I could do the drive up there from here daily. I’ll bring some book illustration work, my computer, my knitting, and my recumbent bike. And I should be able to rest as needed.  This will work our perfectly, as I am NOT a city mouse.  What a pleasant (in the housing department) way to finish off this whole difficult year.  And my birthday is Tuesday.  Whoppee.

When something like cancer happens, I want to be able to take control of my life and fix things, as best as I can.  And, that is the thing that is taken away the most: ability to control one’s own life.  Perhaps I was never able to, really.

The gouge, from the surgery, in my body is healing…but too slowly for me.

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