Sept. 2, 2017 …the next step now

The chemo side effects are waning now.  I’m starting to feel human again!  The surgery has been upped sooner.  Tuesday I get the date and details.  I’m starting to feel much better now.  Nice greens coming up in the garden now.  The rain made it easy for fall growing.  So we have fresh young greens to eat.

I think I’ll need some men’s L or XL button up shirts to wear after surgery, since I won’t be able to raise my arms up and I need to have room for the bandages.  Dress button-up shirts are good; softer fabrics even better.  Darker colors or patterns to hid bandages would be nice.  Anyone have some old shirts from their men-folk they can spare?  It’s only for a couple of months I’ll have to dress like that.  A friend said to acquire wide band yoga pants, that are easier for dressing and comfortable.  Mmmm.  Lots to prepare and think about.

I’m getting some info on the radiation upcoming after all this.  Ugh.  That sounds time-consuming.  It will be every day for ?? weeks.  I will try to get that done more locally (Charlotte Hall maybe?)   Anyone like to drive??  I don’t know that I am allowed to drive myself.  More info later.  I guess it will all be over before the holidays and the end of the calendar year.  Then I’ll try to remember what a normal life is like.

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