Saved again by the Trike

Coming back home by St. Mary’s College: The wooden footbridge by the waterfront

I went for three very long bike rides this week.  On Sunday, last weekend, Frank had the idea (after we already had taken off) to do the “Long Loop” that I had been talking about doing: Up Willows Road, down 235 to Ridge, then back home up Rte. 5.  It’s about 30 miles.  He wasn’t feeling so well, so I sent him back after about 6 miles.  I myself didn’t want to do the side roads that connected the two parts of the triangle, because the roads have little or no shoulder for my recumbent trike.  So, I just kept pedaling and made it!  It’s a delightful ride.  I call it the Six Deli Loop (as there are 6 delis spaced along route).  I also did a long bike ride on the rail trail after appointments this week at Hopkins.  And today Frank and I both did the Deli Loop together.  We’re going to have a group ride for the Trails Group with the Land Trust.  I took photos and mapped it out.  I have an app that I used this time that said it was 26.75 miles long.  I’m surprised that my leg muscles don’t hurt.  They are in better shape than for the whole year now.  The lymphodema can be a concern, but I use the sleeve while riding.  People in this country treat bicycling as a frivolous thing, but it has been a life-saver for me.  I wish I lived in a country that was more bicycle friendly.  But I’m glad to live next to roads that are useable for bicycling; As most of the county would not work at all.

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