Round 3 begins tomorrow

Tomorrow is the 3rd round of chemo.  Today I was trying to do as much as I could, while I can, outside…but it’s hot.  I hope I’m better prepared this time.  I have red meat in freezer in small amounts so I don’t get anemic this time around.  And I have a diet that seems to be easier on my body to deal with.  I don’t know if they are going to use the drugs from the 1st round (with headache, fuzzy brain, and dizzy), or the 2nd round with intestinal side effects.  The 2nd round side effects lasted longer…so maybe I’ll opt for the headache and body pain drugs.  It’s harder to know I am walking into abuse…voluntarily!  It was easier when I didn’t know what was coming.

But I am halfway through, today.  It definitely is working; The tumors are shrinking to practically nothing!  I went bicycling this morning with PTLT’s new intern, Annabelle!  (She is wonderful and amazing too!  What a smart and competent person.)  So I am still strong.  All good.

I still have some wonderful friends who move me with their kindnesses and consideration.  I am learning what is in people’s hearts.  I may be a better person myself when this is all done.  I certainly have learned about love, honesty, kindness, and these things that are important in life.  I have no room or patience for the other stuff.

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