Round 2 Chemo

Yesterday was the 2nd chemo treatment.  They changed some of the meds to make this round easier, with less side effects (especially the chronic headaches).  It was a long day.  I got some side effects from the chemo so they had to slow it down.  We didn’t leave there until 6 pm and didn’t get home until about 9 pm.  The neulasta drug should kick in this afternoon and make my bone marrow work overtime.  We’ll see if it’s as painful as the last round, or if that was just the infection that made me so miserable.  I’m hoping for a somewhat better time?!

I’m getting used to the bald head.  For a visual person, it was a strong affirmation of the whole process I’m going through.   It is another challenge to one’s psyche.

I wish I could bicycle.  It’s too darn hot again today.  The bicycling helps a lot.  My legs got very swollen last night from the long treatment and long ride back.  It would be good to pump out that extra fluid.

Mary Ida drove me yesterday.  She is a kind, smart, and wonderful person. She is great company and we had some very nice conversations.  It’s a good way to bond with good friends.  We had a delightful lunch…usually the best day for eating for me until the chemo wears off again in a couple of weeks.  So I relished “my last tasty lunch” with her.  Thank you Mary Ida.  You are a special friend.

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