June 20, 2017 Chemo to start Thursday; Turkeys are leaving the farm!

Hi Folks,

My first chemo session starts the day after tomorrow, Thursday.  I don’t know how it will go.  IF I tolerate it OK (no allergic reaction or too bad for the side effects), there is room for optimism.  My immune system will be greatly compromised, so I need to stay away from: people, poultry, the sheep, garden soil, scratches and infections.  I need to be successful with this chemo for a good outcome.  .

I have decided to give my turkeys away to Accokeek National Heritage Farm.  They are coming tomorrow to see the birds.  I won’t be able to care for them and no one else that I know can catch or work with the birds.  I won’t be able to butcher them this fall because that’s when my surgery will take place, (probably October).  The second hatching is taking place today!  You all know how much I’ll miss my Jersey Buff turkeys (insert emoticon here).

I work at the North End Gallery tomorrow afternoon for maybe the last time this year.  My show is still scheduled for October.  The Gallery members have graciously offered to hang the “Food and Farms” show I had been planning for 2 years!

Wish me luck this week!

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