June 2, 2017

Results are coming in from past biopsies.  3 more scheduled.  There are multiple breast tumors and a couple of large lymph tumors.  There is a tumor in the other breast as well.  My doctor would like chemo then surgery.  But it all depends on the results of test results from the genetic markers of the actual type of cancer it is.  Those tests can take a couple of weeks.  The course of action is waiting on the results of those tests.

Trips to Johns Hopkins are very long and time consuming.  If anyone wants to volunteer to help there, that would be the most appreciated help.  If anyone wants to help with the animals, it would require too much training…unless you have some prior livestock or farm experience.  If people help with the driving, then Frank can maintain the farm OK.

Needed: large chalkboard. (DONE!   Thanks Brenda!)  So I can put “Needed today…  Needed this week…. etc.” chores listed on the back porch.  Then, if someone wants to help, they could do the task, and then note their name, time and date, when it is complete.  But please let me rest, sleep, or whatever else I may need to do. You would need to be self-sufficient.  I’m getting tired from so many visitors already, and I have not started the chemo or had the surgery yet!!!

Also, Becky is taking names of people who want to help and is setting up a system for helpers online. Contact her at bfbenton@yahoo.com

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