June 17, 2017

We went to the oncologist yesterday to get the schedule for chemo. She said that I will be at very high risk of infection (which could be lethal for me), especially the first couple of weeks. So I cannot do the chickens, turkeys, sheep, exposure to people, or anything that could attack my compromised immunes system.

Volunteers could come 7-8 AM and/or 7-8 PM (different tasks) and walk with Frank a couple of times to learn the animal feeding and watering routine. It’s complicated. There will be a learning curve. If someone forgets to give water to the animals on a hot day, they could die. If someone forgets to close a gate, they could get loose (and be unprotected). If someone forgets to turn the electric fence back on, they predators could eat the animals. But if people walk the rounds with Frank, starting this Thursday AM, and then he can see if they can do it themselves, that might work.


Please contact Becky to set volunteer to help with the animals, if you are willing.

Thank you!!!!!!!

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