July 16th: 2nd round of chemo; Day 4

The oncologists changed my drugs a bit to “beat me up a little less” this round.  I didn’t suffer the headaches I had last round.  But my digestive system hurt a bit more.  The neulasta drug (to pump out white blood cells out of the bone marrow) of course hurts a lot, but nothing like last time (when I also was suffering from an infection and didn’t know that was the problem).  Day 2-5 are the worst days, nevertheless.  My legs swelled up painfully, so I had to keep them elevated the last few days. Today I actually can feel the chemo drugs hammering the cancer!  It is shrinking the tumors rapidly, even by feel.  The oncologist was also pleased by the marked shrinkage after just the first round.  I think I’ll feel better the next couple of weeks because of the tweaking of the meds the doctors at Johns Hopkins are doing for my treatment.  I’m very tired, but things are going OK.  Knitting and sleeping seemed like the best (only) things to do this weekend.  I hope/expect to work in my studio this week.

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