First Day of Chemo…done!

Today, the 22 June, I had my first chemo session.  Paula Keeton graciously drove me for the long trip up and back.  She was a great driver and a great sport.  I think she actually enjoyed the trip!   It certainly made it world’s easier for us.

This session was slower because they had to do it progressively to see if there were any serious reactions.  Fortunately, nothing serious happened and I tolerated it OK.  I feel whipped tonigh though.  I have a device on me that will inject a drug that will boost my bone marrow’s white blood cells tomorrow afternoon.  Supposedly that can hurt, as it tries to pump out lots of good blood cells harder out of my bone marrow (can it be any worse than Fibromyalgia I’ve lived with for a couple of decades?  We’ll see.)   The chemo side effects will increase until about day 10 and then they reverse from the peak.  I think I’ll rest tomorrow.  If I feel up to it, I may just walk about, knit, or read.

My face is flushed, and my throat hurts more, and very tired…only side effects so far.  Frank took care of the farm well today.  He moved baby turkey and eggs to lower level so the new hatchlings don’t fall to the ground.  All doing well.  Lots more eggs to hatch though.

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