Fevers can be bad

I felt good yesterday morning and went for a (slow) bike ride in the morning! ¬†But then by 11:00 AM I started to feel bad. ¬†Apparently a low fever of only 100.4F is the only sign of an infection, so I have to watch more carefully. ¬†If I get a fever, I have to pack my bags and head to the emergency room for IV antibiotics. ¬†So, PLEASE do not come by if you have any infections or illness at all. ¬†Let me know if you have any health issues before you come by for any reason. ¬†I have no immune system right now. ¬†And my stomach hurts a lot any time I eat anything…anything at all. ¬†But at least I have not had vomiting. ¬†(I hate vomit. ¬†Guts, gore, blood, etc. are fine…but vomit is my weakness.)

The last couple of days have been OK in the morning and bad in the afternoon, and terrible at night.  Ugh.  Today is our 37th Anniversary.  It is special in that it is a prime number.

We are giving the twin wall greenhouse and the red chicken coop (with 4 nice hens inside) away to Paula. ¬†If you are around Saturday AM, we could use some very strong backs to load them onto her truck. ¬†If we have 6 people, that would make it doable. ¬†Friday night, just after dark, we need to catch 3 chickens who roost on top of the coop…

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