Cording and low white blood cell count

I’m still working on the cording therapy for lymph node damage on my left arm.  I got tired of going up to Lutherville every week.  I asked “How long does this therapy take?”  Answer “It depends on the person?”  Me: “How long?!”  Answer: “It varies…”. “Six months?”  “Possibly.”  So I decided I try locally for the therapy.  It may not be as effective, but they said at Hopkins it can’t hurt.

I felt awful suddenly last week (4th of July holiday).  For a few days I could barely move one foot in front of the other.  I felt 100 years old.  I didn’t think to check my temperature because it was hot outside EVERYONE was hot.  And I was so chilled working at the Gallery, I assumed it was just over air conditioned.  But it was me.  I had a fever.  Taking the cancer drug lowers my white blood cell count and that can be very dangerous.  Any infection can spread without check…even something minor.  But when I finally realized it was me (OK maybe all my brain cells weren’t working on all cylinders when I was “off”), I got help from my family doctor.  I’m fine now.  I’m off the cancer drug for a couple of week until my body recovers and I will have to go to a lower dose.

I’m much happier now because I sank so low, that now that I’m on the upswing it feels great.

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