Blogs are good therapy…

It has been 2 1/2 months since my last posting and my last radiation treatment.  I said I wasn’t going to post any longer.  But, I’m dealing with the emotional aftereffects of all the cancer treatments now.  Strangely, I found the writing out my thoughts sort of expunged them from my system and I could move on.  So I may start writing again.  Again, I suspect no one is reading them (because I told everyone I’m done!) But, I’m doing it for me.

The Letrazole drug I’m taking (for 5-10 years, maybe for the rest of my life) takes out the rest of my hormones that the cancer feeds off of.  So it should make any breast cancer cells die off.  The drug has side effects.  Mainly it’s like going through menopause AGAIN!  (Really??!!). Once was enough.  I hate hormones.  My thyroid problems early in life affected my hormones big time.  So, my hair is thinner (fortunately I had thick hair, so it’s not bad).  My skin is thinner and drier.  And I’m fighting depression all the time.  And I get emotional a lot.  BUT since I know it’s just hormones, I’m learning to work through it.  No one (but me) knows how I feel angst inside me.  Work always helps me.  I am putting my nose to my work and at least something useful gets done. That has been my savior through most of my life: work.

I got 3 turkeys back!   Just for us.  No butchering and selling to others.  Just a few for our freezer and the tom and 2 hens for breeding.  I’m making an easy care shelter for them so no herding of turkeys 2X a day.  I learned that with the chicken coop.  You build it once right and it saves work every day forever.

Actually a lot of issues have arisen in the last couple of months.  But that’s enough for tonight.  It will give me more fodder for future blogs.  If anyone is listening out there, let me know.  A lot of people have stopped coming by.  I tell people I am not dead yet!  (In fact I’m doing fairly well.). I even have a mop of unruly hair again!  Oh, how nice to have hair!  And the Fibromyalgia disappeared 2 weeks into the chemo, and it has not returned!  After 20 years of muscle and joint pain, it’s such a relief!  I had less pain (post surgery) than I had with the Fibromyalgia.  I am happy for that absence of pain every day.

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