Aug. 29, 2017 On the mend maybe…

It has been 6 days since my last chemo.  I slept a lot this time, during recovery from it.  It exhausted me more than the others.  Maybe it’s just cumulative.  I’m glad the chemo is over.  I’m still tired..even after all the sleeping day and night.  But my mind fog is starting to clear a bit, my eyes are able to focus more, and I am not sleeping ALL day!   (My gut still hurts, and the bones hurts.)  I am lacking in motivation though.  I don’t care about things I should care about.  I’m not usually a defeat-ist type person.  Everyone says how strong I am.  But it’s hard to be strong all the time.  I’m feeling worn down.

In the past cycles, on day 6 I usually get very very hormonally depressed.  They are loading me up with all kinds of hormones, so it’s understandable.  So I need to get psychologically through today’s “no will or caring about anything” and tomorrow’s “tears for no reason.”  Then I should be over the worst of it…for now.  And my body be getting rid of the toxic drugs in my system, so I should start to feel a bit better.

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