Aug. 13, 2017 Feeling Good!

I’m coming out of the effects of the chemo (poisoning) now.  And I’m feeling good!  I still have the usual chemo weird side effects and stomach aches whenever I eat or drink anything.  I think I will feel better (after all this chemo is done) than I have for some 20 years.  It seems to have eliminated the Fibromyalgia, which I have suffered with for 20 years.  And a few other annoying long term problems have disappeared.  Is it an effect of the chemo? Or the cancer going away?  Even my left arm that initially felt like a torn muscle (but was/is actually the cancer in lymph nodes), is feeling just fine.  I worked all day outside building the greenhouse, mowing the lawns, sweated a lot, and feel comfortably sore from exercise, but no worse!  I’ve complained of being pathologically tired to my doctor and everyone for a long long time.  I was told I was just “getting old” or it’s because “I do so much.”  But, no, it was the Fibromyalgia and/or the cancer. I knew it was not right…but didn’t know what to do.  All lab work came back OK.  But  i’m going to be so full of energy when this is all done, somebody will have to stop me!  Even my skin looks younger now.

We’re going on a much needed vacation this week.  I might not be so cheerful when I have to walk into the oncology chair again when I return for the LAST treatment.  It gets harder to allow them to put those drugs into my body that I know will make me sick again. But I will try not to think about it for a few days now!

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