Allen’s Heirloom Homestead

Hoopstyle Aviary for the turkeys!

I’m working on a 24′ X 40′ aviary for the 3 turkeys who have returned to the farm.  They are already broody on eggs!  What good girls.  And the tom is a lovely sociable turkey too.



The New Greenhouse is done!

This hoop style large greenhouse is for year-round greens for our consumption.  It is a strong, well-built, greenhouse.  I like the low profile and functionality of it.  It took longer than expected, because of the chemo.  But I did get it done this summer despite going through chemotherapy.  That’s something I guess.

mosaic 009

Part of a large mosaic at the Back Porch Store at the Homestead, done by Christina in winter of 2013-14

The Grand Chicken Coop is finally done and the chickens have moved in!  (Old coops are down-cycled)  Here is the new coop:


It took me about 9 months to build this.  As you can see, it has 6 outside nest boxes, a covered run, and an uncovered run.  It has automatic doors that are daylight sensitive.  And the floor of the coop is tiled, for easy clean-out.


“The Dinner Movie” DVD, with included 16 page color cookbook $20.00 plus $2.25 S&H





Products for Sale include

  • “Chip” books  “A Micro-Chip On My Shoulder-A True Story of a Little Poult”  $10.99 softcover, $18.00 hardcover
  • Natural colored hand-spun yarn – $6.50 per skein
    Color :
    Size :


  • Sock yarn, hand-spun (1250 yd/lb) – $9.50 per skein
    Colour :
    Size :
  • Solar dyed yarn – $8.50 per skein
  • Wool roving – $15 per pound
    Colour :
    Size :


Colour :
Size :

Handknit fingerless gloves from my hand-dyed wool (from my sheep’s wool).  Custom knit.  Choose one skein from around 200 individual dyed color ways.  Measure hand.  Allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.  $40.00/pair plus tax and S&H


  • Handmade unscented soap (from Christina’s sheep tallow), made with solar energy – $3.00 per bar
    Colour :
    Size :


  • Soaps wrapped in a hand-knit cotton washcloth (or dishcloth), tied as a gift-wrap – $7.50 each
    Colour :
  • Queen-sized wool blankets from Christina’s sheep’s wool (assorted colors and natural colors, limited availability) – $225
  • Lap throws from Christina’s sheep’s wool (limited availability) – $125
  • “Christina’s Most Excellent Salad Blend” is a boxed, washed blend of up to 40 salad greens, all grown without any herbicides or pesticides of any kind.  (Seasonal) – $3.50 per box


  • Pasteurized heritage poultry free range eggs, (available only at the “Porch Store” on the farm – $4 per dozen
  • Sheep skins, assorted natural colors (limited availability) – $125
  • Also available: note cards, handmade paper, knitted items, etc. – varies with season