Allen’s Heirloom Homestead

Lop ear rabbit in natural grey and white wool. Dyed red wool nose.

Felted Wool Rabbits, from my Sheep’s wool.

A fundraiser for the Patuxent Tidewater Land Trust (PTLT) $100 for an original (no two are alike) felted wool rabbit, with custom knit jacket.

Allow 4 weeks for custom made sculpture. (Currently a waiting list for rabbit orders, due to popular demand!)

$100.00, $7.50 S&H


“The Sunflower Squirrel” NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Written by Laara C Oakes,

Illustrated by Christina Allen

$18.00, plus $2.50 S&H

After a long and cold winter, Mrs. Squirrel overhears her friends talk about how hard they had to search for food to survive. Mrs. Squirrel has a plan. She enlists the help of her friends, Mouse, Blue Jay, and Cardinal. “If you’ll help me . . . I promise you’ll be rewarded. . .” But will these four friends succeed in carrying out that plan before the coming winter . . .
Filled with warmth and generosity, The Sunflower Squirrel is a beautifully illustrated and charming story about friendship, teamwork and trust.
The Sunflower Squirrel will be available SEPTEMBER 2018 for purchase.
$18.00, 8 1/2″ X 11″ hardcover, 32 fully illustrated color pages


Hoopstyle Aviary for the turkeys!

I finished making the 24′ X 40′ aviary for the 3 turkeys who have returned to the farm.   What good girls.  And the tom is a lovely sociable turkey too.

Aviary netting goes on top. Doors on either end. It’s wonderful!


The New Greenhouse is done!

This hoop style large greenhouse is for year-round greens for our consumption.  It is a strong, well-built, greenhouse.  I like the low profile and functionality of it.  It took longer than expected, because of the chemo.  But I did get it done this summer despite going through chemotherapy.  That’s something I guess.

mosaic 009

Part of a large mosaic at the Back Porch Store at the Homestead, done by Christina in winter of 2013-14

A Year in Bloom!

I’m doing a presentation for organizations, health groups, and garden clubs!  It’s called “A Year in Bloom”.  It chronicles 2017 for me: Our mature ornamental gardens (during my discovery of and survival through the 7 months of intense cancer treatments.)

Over 20 years have passed since we have made this farm our home.  It had overgrazed, compacted, and depleted soil.  Frank has been a plant collector for over 60 years now.  Our ten acre farm proved a good amount of space to indulge in our passion for growing things.  I am most fond of the kitchen garden, greenhouses, and starting seeds.  Frank loves nearly all plants.  They say it takes 10 years to make a good garden.  I looked around last year and saw that our garden was a “mature garden” now.  I started a documentary, with photos, of ALL the plants, trees, and shrubs that bloomed in our gardens for one whole year.  This is the result.  HUNDREDS of gorgeous photos!  It will be a lush, fast moving show with lots and lots of gorgeous photos.

I realized that our farm and gardens were at their maturity for trees, bushes, and ornamentals.  My husband has been a plant collector and organic gardener for over 60 years.  I have been primarily doing the kitchen gardening for only 40 years.  But we both work together on the designing of the plantings.  So I decided to document ALL the blooming flowers in our garden for a whole year.  When I was diagnosed in May with breast cancer, I still continued to document the flowering plants and garden.  I also continued to build my new large greenhouse throughout chemo treatments.  Slides of the progress of that job pop in on this presentation.
 As I am tweaking the presentation, I think it shows one aspect of how I got through the cancer treatments more or less intact.  I think it would also be a great presentation to cancer survivorship programs or people going through challenges in their life. The flowers are stunningly beautiful!   It would at least make people feel good to see the array of beauty, color, and design that nature provides for us.  And it  might help cancer patients find their own path to function at whatever level possible to enjoy life.
Since I just finished my treatments two months ago, it would be good to do the program while it is still a fresh topic.  Life goes on, and so will I.
 If you are a gardener, cancer survivor, a lover of nature, or just beautiful living plants, this should appeal to most everyone.  Email me to arrange a time for a showing.  Allow at least 1 hour for the presentation.




The Grand Chicken Coop is finally done and the chickens have moved in!  (Old coops are down-cycled)  Here is the new coop:


It took me about 9 months to build this.  As you can see, it has 6 outside nest boxes, a covered run, and an uncovered run.  It has automatic doors that are daylight sensitive.  And the floor of the coop is tiled, for easy clean-out.


“The Dinner Movie” DVD, with included 16 page color cookbook $20.00 plus $2.25 S&H





Products for Sale include

  • Award winning children’s books:
  • “Chip” books  “A Micro-Chip On My Shoulder-A True Story of a Little Poult”  $10.00 softcover, $18.00 hardcover
  • “Momma Tree”, written by Charles Long, Illustrated by Christina Allen
  • “The Farmer’s Alphabet”, written by Charles Long, Illustrated by Christina Allen
  • “The Sunflower Squirrel”, written by Laara C Oakes, Illustrated by Christina Allen
  • Natural colored hand-spun yarn – $6.50 per skein
    Color :
    Size :


  • Sock yarn, hand-spun (1250 yd/lb) – $9.50 per skein
    Colour :
    Size :
  • Solar dyed yarn – $8.50 per skein
  • Wool roving – $15 per pound
    Colour :
    Size :


Colour :
Size :

Handknit fingerless gloves from my hand-dyed wool (from my sheep’s wool).  Custom knit.  Choose one skein from around 200 individual dyed color ways.  Measure hand.  Allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.  $40.00/pair plus tax and S&H


  • Handmade unscented soap (from Christina’s sheep tallow), made with solar energy – $3.00 per bar
    Colour :
    Size :


  • Soaps wrapped in a hand-knit cotton washcloth (or dishcloth), tied as a gift-wrap – $7.50 each
    Colour :
  • Queen-sized wool blankets from Christina’s sheep’s wool (assorted colors and natural colors, limited availability) – $225
  • Lap throws from Christina’s sheep’s wool (limited availability) – $125
  • “Christina’s Most Excellent Salad Blend” is a boxed, washed blend of up to 40 salad greens, all grown without any herbicides or pesticides of any kind.  (Seasonal) – $3.50 per box


  • Heritage poultry free range eggs, (available only at the “Porch Store” on the farm – $5 per dozen
  • Sheep skins, assorted natural colors (limited availability) – $125
  • Also available: note cards, handmade paper, knitted items, etc. – varies with season