About a year since surgery

It’s about a year since my surgery.  When I had the chemo, at least I was still intact physically.  Each cancer treatment took me down a notch.  I’ve learned to be grateful for what is good today, because tomorrow may not have that anymore.  Each procedure (chemo, surgery, then radiation) had their pros and cons.  I’m still surprised at how long it is taking to get full recovery from my surgery.  It’s still like a tight band around my whole chest, from under one armpit to the other.  I’ve worked real hard to stretch and stretch!  I’m still constantly aware with every movement of my body.  It’s way better than in the beginning, of course.  But I was wondering if there will ever be a time when I am unaware of the strap around my rib cage and lungs?  The warm swimming pool helped me a lot this summer.  I can move almost full range of motion with it pulling less hard.  I think someday I will wake up and maybe my chest will feel like a part of my body again.  I think it will come.

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