A year after surgery…

It’s less than a year since I finished everything, but about a year after my surgery.  The weather is getting suddenly cooler, after a hot hot summer.  The lymph system doesn’t like heat in my body.  My left arm was uncomfortable a good many days this summer.  I’m not as tired (or it’s been so long, I don’t remember anything else but how I feel now).  And I’m not as depressed…most days.  So maybe my body is getting used to the PALBOCICLIB drug I’m on for two years.  I do get a little depressed a few days after starting it (3 weeks on/ one week off).  And I definitely am dragging the last few days of it, still.

I went to a Cancer Survivors Conference put on by Johns Hopkins on Saturday at the BWI Marriott.  It was nice, but I don’t know that I want or need to go to any more.  The people there are quite strong and inspiring.  I like to try everything once and have no regrets though.  I want time to live my life fully and do so many of things I still want to do and make.

I turned the big “60” this month.  That sounds and feels old.  I definitely need to plan out aging gracefully.  It is hard to do.  What to cut out?  It’s hard to turn the corner and remove things from one’s life instead of adding new interests.  However, I did start the first Maryland chapter of Cycling Without Age!  Check out the website for it.  It’s a wonderful project started in Copenhagen.  There’s so much to do.  The days, weeks, and years fly by too fast.  I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 58 years old.  Now I’m already 60.  I guess that’s the good news…I’ve made it to 60.  Since none of us knows the future, do I have 5 years?  10?  30?  What can I realistically do?  When must I downsize from the farm?  Do I have to?  Can I stay here for the rest of my life, if planned well?

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