9/8/17 Surgery Scheduled

I’ll be going in for a double mastectomy and lymph node surgery on 19 Sept.  …It’s coming real soon.  Pre-op testing today, Monday, and Tuesday.  I have so much to do.  I have to kill and butcher the old lame ewe on Sunday.  (I won’t be able to anything physical for a while after major surgery and I wasn’t allowed to do it through chemo, because of risk of infection or cuts.)  So, I must get her done.  I don’t like to see an animal suffer.   I hope someone is so kind to me when I get to that point!

Frank is not skilled at nurturing.  He is panicking somewhat now.  I think he’ll be OK after I recover a bit, after a few days, or the first week…when he realizes I’ll get through it and life will go on.  BUT, if someone wants to check to see if I’m OK and he’s managing OK (and YOU are a nurturing type) stopping in to check, from the 20-24th, would be most welcome.  I have lots of meals cooked and frozen and ready to eat.  But just asking Frank how he is doing, and seeing if there is something he is struggling with, would be nice.

I plan to be recovered enough for my art show!  But, PLEASE!   No grabbing and hugging me if you see me.  I’ll still have loads of stitches and be rather sore.

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