9/5/17 Getting stronger

The effects of the chemo are leaving.  Although I am dragging a bit at the end of the day, I am getting work done again.  And I think my immune system is almost back inline.  So, no need to avoid people (except obvious sick people…which I like to avoid anyhow) or garden soil, or chickens! I worked in the garden without gloves for the first time this summer!

But I’m amazed that people are still treating me weirdly.  People talk in hushed tones when I’m with them!  And so many look so darn serious!  Please!  I am doing OK.  Below is a current photo of me just after mowing some grass and working outside.  I don’t think I look THAT different (except no hair, of course.)

I’m getting lots of paintings framed for my “Food and Farms” art show in Oct.  I’m going to butcher the old lame ewe next week (for our freezer) …and before my surgery.  I think I’ll heal fast from the surgery since they won’t be doing reconstructive surgery.  I’ve heard that I could be feeling OK in a week afterwards.  (Still no lifting for a while.)  And PLEASE, no hugging me if I’m all stitched up!  I’ve had so many people grab me and hug me lately.  I won’t be able to defend myself.  (Or look at me below…maybe I will be able to….look out!)

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