9/28/17 Slow Down…

I was feeling pretty chipper about the surgery (although I hate the drains attached to my body!  Can’t wait until they are out.)  Although the assistant surgeon, who woke me up at 5 AM in the hospital, said “Oh, those things can’t come out!  They are sewn into you!”  Well, the right drain tube pulled out of my side chest wall yesterday.  Not completely…just 1/2″.  But I noticed fluids running down my ribs from the hole, and I can see the stitches that were in there.  I don’t know if in my sleep I pulled on it.  Or, as I am trying to stand straighter now and not hunch over the gash, when walking my arms swing a little…maybe that did it.  Maybe I have been doing too much generally.  So, I am slowing down until I see the surgeon on Monday.  I have taped the tubes in place to hold them until then. My right side (the better side, with no lymph nodes involved) is the side that came out.  It is all puffy in a big area above the hole up to my armpit.

So, hanging around here reading, knitting, and feeling “What is my purpose in life?” …and not finding any real good answer when I can’t do much.  I feel like a real load on friends and family.  I have too much time to think right now.  And I am tired, I guess.  And it’s not healing fast enough for me.  And it still hurts.

Some good news (in the high excitement area) is that the salad greens and veggies I planted before surgery are all up nicely and there is much food for us in the winter garden AND the new greenhouse!!  Maybe I’ll go out and watch the greens grow….

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