9/24/17 Post Surgery

It has been 5 days since the surgery.  I’m doing well.  Weds. night was the worst (about 36 hours after surgery).  My legs felt 100X heavier than normal and I could not lift my legs, at all.  I also couldn’t push with my arms, without splitting open the wound.  I was immobilized.  But it was a bit better in the morning and got progressively better by the hours.  I’m trying to be super careful to not stretch too far or lift anything too heavy.  Frank is really good at helping whenever I need something moved.  The gash is pretty dramatic.  I keep leaning over to favor it; I need to stand up straight and stretch the skin a little…but it still hurts, of course.  My art exhibit gets hung next weekend.  Unless something dramatic changes, besides trying to rest and recover, I may not log in here for the next week.

I did have a visiting nurse come on Friday.  I didn’t expect much but she gave me lots of good tips and helped me clean up and change the dressing.  She suggested I get a medic alert bracelet because no one can ever use my left arm for a blood pressure cuff, IV, or any other procedure (because of no lymph nodes).  My arm is NOT swollen now, but if someone did something to it, it would swell  up and forever give me trouble, she said.  It does have pins and needles throughout the arm now, but that is to be expected given how much they took out of that side.

So!  I’m feeling chipper, generally.  And things are looking up.  Not much pain, compared to others I’ve had in life.  I’ll try to rest a bit this week, and do some light work around here.

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