9/21/17 Surgery done

On Tuesday, the 19th, I had the double mastectomy and lymph nodes surgery.  It was pretty major surgery…the most extensive for me.  They took out a mass of lymph nodes from under my left armpit…so that is the tender side.  My sister told me that if I got up and peed, they would think I was good to go home.  Since I could not sleep at all in the noisy hospital, I must have got up 10 times to pee!   I wanted out!   They released me Weds. before noon.  Since the chemo cured the Fibromyalgia I’ve lived with for 20 years, pain in all my muscles and joints was gone for the first time in 2 decades!  So, I have only taken Tylenol since the surgery.  It is no worse than pain I have lived with for so long.  And pain helps me know when to stop reaching, so I don’t split the wound open.  I almost reached for the heavy meds last night when the trauma of the surgery hit big-time.  (And my thigh muscles and my upper arms could not move.)  But I was so tired I went to bed instead, slept all night and it was a bit better already by morning.  I am still weak on the left side.  I can walk up and down the driveway though.

I can’t stand the stupid drains they sewed into my body to drain off fluids.  Gross and unattractive.  (But only for a couple of weeks.)  I will need to wear vests a lot more now for layers, and to hold the drains for now.  I’ll figure it out.  I’m also looking for shelf-bra camisoles??  Sources?  And anyone want to help me burn my old bras!!??  (It’s a 1960’s thing, for any younger folks.)  I’m supposed to not do much for a few days at least.  I will read and rest, I hope.  But I’ve had a lot of inquiries so I figured I’d update the blog. Thanks for all your concern.

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