9/13/17 Surgery, recovery, then radiation

Surgery is on Tuesday.  I’m not looking forward to it.  My nurse navigator is out of the office this week.  I could use her advice now before my surgery.  She has been so good through all of this.  I got to depend on her navigating the system and looking out for me.

After I recover for 8 weeks, then I have to go every day for 5-6 weeks for radiation.  I have a big decision to make this week.  Do I get a place up in Baltimore for the weeks I need to be there for treatment?  I guess I could bring my bike, bring my work for illustrating the “Squirrel” book, and my knitting.  Frank would have to stay here, on the farm, to take care of the animals and everything.  I would have to come home on weekends to take care of food for him, mowing, laundry, etc.  (Blah!)  OR, I could opt for local care (well, Charlotte Hall, 1+ hour drive from here)…and less good medical care and equipment.  I need to decide this week which care provider to use.  Again, Johns Hopkins looks the best for state of the art medicine and doctors.  But I’m not sure I can take the grueling drive to the city, living away for so long, and not being able to take care of things at home…(except in a frantic catch-up work session on the weekends.)  Lots of decisions to make.  Since I’ve never been down this road, I don’t know the best decision.

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