8/26/17 Last chemo done…

The last chemo treatment was Thursday.  I feel pretty awful today, as usual.  Day 2-5 are probably the worst.  How can so many parts of the body hurt?  And feel sick in one’s whole gut…and nauseous too?  And all the bones hurt…  I tried to work today in my studio but gave up at 11:00 AM and slept with the cat most of the day.  Frank went to the PTLT event we have been working on for a while.  Nice weather for them.  But I was glad for the quiet here.  I couldn’t eat much today.

They are going to up my surgery date by a month.  It will be Sept., instead of Oct.  I am rather frightened of the surgery.  I had a spinal tap 50 years ago and the anesthesia didn’t put me to sleep.  I could feel the incredible pain and hear everything going on around me, but I couldn’t talk or move; I was trapped.  It was awful.  Spinal taps are incredibly painful.  I remember the doctor saying “This girl is not asleep!”.  The experience is something one can’t forget.  I’ve avoided getting put under for all surgery for my life, even for surgery that normally calls for anesthesia.  I don’t think I’ll get to do that for this surgery.  It will be 5-10 hours, depending on if, or how much, reconstruction they do.  Perhaps they better do it sooner than later so I don’t get frightened off!

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