8/19/17 On last “good” week

We’re on vacation now in South Carolina, for this past week.  We plan to see the eclipse on Monday (along with a few billion people!)  I hope the clouds are not over us! It would have been far better to go out to the western U.S., where the sun is more reliable.  We have a lovely apartment we are renting in quaint Aiken, SC, with Homeway.  We can cook food that is safe for Frank, and good for us.  I feel pretty well.  Although I am somewhat tired from going every day doing tourist things.  It would not have been so bad if it wasn’t in the high 90’s every day here.  The heat is exhausting.  We miss the cities of Europe where public transport and pedestrian friendly towns make it less stressful for getting around.  Here, we must drive much.  Walking feels almost illegal in some places.

I’m trying not to think about having to face the poisoning again this week.  As it gets closer, it gets harder to do that.  We have to rush home Tuesday AM for my blood work for Thursday’s chemo.  I hope the traffic from all the eclipse-peepers doesn’t make it too awful.  I hope all the animals at home are good when we get home.  (Our farm sitter has been doing a great job, as he does.)  It looks like Maryland had lots of rain when we were gone.  At least the seeds I planted in the main garden should be doing well.    That’s our food for the winter.  They were just popping up when we left.

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