7/4/17 Wasps on 4th of July

I got stung by a wasp today.  I am allergic to wasps and yellow jackets.  (I carry an epipen for it.)  Fortunately, I only got a local reaction today.  However, it did give a jolt to my adrenaline system.

My aunt died a few days ago (my mother’s sister).  I was not close to her in recent years, but she was my godmother and I was named after her.  (Her name was Tina, and my mother thought people would nickname me that…but that did not happen.)

I think, today, I am finally feeling more human.  I still am tired and have some residual weird side effects, but I think this next week (before the next treatment) will be good!  Yeah!

I was sad the last few days.  I don’t know that anyone is reading my posts…not that it matters too much.  Maybe I should have some friends visit.  I still would like a text or call to let me know if you’re coming though.  Thanks.  (No visitors with infections still, please. No children…disease carriers.)

The turkeys may be leaving on Friday.  I will miss them.

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