7/29/17 Well, but depressed


I stopped all meds yesterday for gastritis (as well as supplements and the one I took to help the arthritis).  There were so many they kept adding on and I didn’t think they were helping. Besides, they prescribed one that counteracts my thyroid meds (and I need that).  I started to feel better all day yesterday without all those drugs!  The pressure in my intestines disappated. Today I felt OK too.  I still feel an ache in my gut, but maybe I can live with that.  But now, this afternoon, I am suddenly feeling very depressed and useless.  Perhaps it is from going cold turkey cutting out all meds and supplements.  (I sent an email to oncology to tell them, and they said it was OK.  I am to see the oncologist in a few days.)  I had time to think today (maybe a bad thing some days).  And I’ve noticed how a lot of people just throw you out to pasture when you are given a cancer diagnosis.  I still need to feel useful.  I need to do and make things. If I can’t do good work, I have no purpose.  I did come up with might the cover for the “Sunflower Squirrel” book I’m working on.  But tears were dripping onto the painting as I was working on it…

Just hormones??

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