7/26/17 Back to work

I bicycled yesterday beyond St. Mary’s City and back. I bicycled today, my usual route, up Willows Rd. and the 2 bike trails up there.  This morning Brenda’s son, Colin, kindly helped me for a couple of hours on the greenhouse construction.  First time I’ve been up to working out there for about 6 weeks!

I still have gastritis.  Another med is at CVS for me to pick up and try, tomorrow.  I’ve found a (rather) severe diet that makes it so that my stomach doesn’t hurt so much.  AM: English muffin or toast with 1 egg; Lunch: 2-3 oz. protein (preferably red meat, since I was anemic this last round) and/or dairy, no sides; Dinner: fruit or veggies.  This works better I think because I need the protein but I have it in the middle of the day so it has time to digest before night. Its a balanced diet over the course of a day.  I’m sure I will lose some weight with this diet (about 1/3 of the calories I used to consume), but I don’t feel hungry most of the time.  And (fortunately?) I have a little bit of belly fat left to spare. This next week is my “good” week!  Yeah!  …Then next week we go at it again.  But it’s going better and is easier this time around.  I also am getting more done this round.

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