7/21/17 trudging on

I had a tough first week again after the second round of chemo.  Less headache, but more stomach aches.  I guess I get to choose which I like less.  I had a slight fever (sign of infection) but I was able to flood it away with lots of liquids, vit. C, and rest.  I finally went for a bicycle ride early yesterday morning.  It was the only real exercise I got in a whole week.  Becky dropped me off in Leonardtown a couple of days ago, at the knitting store, because I needed a change of scenery.  I knitted for a few hours there and enjoyed that. (Anyone who is going up to Town for a few hours?  I wouldn’t mind going now and then again…)  I was very upbeat a couple of days ago, but like a roller coaster, I feel down today.  And there is no good reason for it.  People have been so very nice to me: People dropping off gifts of drawings their children did for me; notes to get well; Nicole made a delicious roast beef sandwich for me yesterday (I was seriously depleted of red meat from my bone marrow working overtime); Another friend offered to bring me out to lunch when I’m up to it; a friend dropping off electrolyte mix for dehydration, etc.  Thank you all!

I wish the heat would let up.  99 degrees is too much for me to go outside.  The air quality is bad outside too.  I’ll just keep plugging along.  I’m about 1/2 through the chemo treatments.

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