6/28/17 Happy 37th Anniversary to us😳

Not the best anniversary I’ve ever had (at least it’s a prime number!)  I had to call emergency on-call doctor again tonight for fever.  I thought I was heading to outpatient…but he thought I could hang on until morning…unless something dramatic changes…

I’m trying to think of a way for occasional short visits (from NON-contagious people)…maybe 15 minutes??   I am feeling a bit down today (my non-anniversary non-celebration?).  People say they are thinking of me but I don’t see many friends here now so I am not feeling those good vibes. So, if you are going by (don’t make a special trip) and can be uplifting, give me a text and I’ll nap, if needed, before you come!!  (301-247-3285)  If I’m feeling really off, I hope you understand if I must decline.

I’ve lost 7 pounds in just this first week.  Food hurts and I have no appetite.  Sweet stuff does not appeal at all.  Small amounts of good food feels best.  Protein feels essential.  Who would have thought I’d ever like plain hard boiled eggs?  (I used to hate them!)  The doctor said just low acid foods because of the gastritis.

The 4 chickens and red hen house are leaving 8:00 AM Saturday morning.  Any strong people want to help move the coop, birds, and equipment?  We have flat bed truck and a bunch of strong backs.

Just one week tomorrow…ugh.

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