6/25/17 Day Four, from start of Chemo

OK, it’s not fun right now.  The neulasta drug (to boost the bone marrow production of white blood cells) really makes my bones hurt…worse than Fibromyalgia and more… and in new places.  The brain fog and lack of focus (along with a constant headache) makes it hard to even read, or do anything.  And I’m sooooooo tired.  I sleep all night, get up for an hour, and am ready to sleep again.  It’s painful being this sleepy.  I can’t go out in the sun, so I am house-bound with this hot summer weather.  (Fortunately, the pool feels good for morning and evening stretching and exercise.)  And I have lost my appetite.  Every time I eat something…even a small amount.. feels like too much immediately and hurts.  This will help with my weight loss program!

Friends have helped Frank with yard work, weeding, harvesting, and other projects.  Thank  you!  David L. has kept me in supply of Cherry Garcia Ice Cream!  (Fortunately that tastes good going down…in small amounts.)  Thank you!!!!!!!  If anyone is going to the Good Earth store Monday/Tuesday, I could use a couple of items  (bulk black pepper and whole Even Star plain yogurt).  If not, we’ll manage until we get out.  We have cucumbers and zucchini in abundance from our garden.  We are happy to share with you!

Cucumber Salad:

12 peeled sliced thin cucumbers

3 small onions, with green tops, sliced paper thin

1/2 c. olive oil

1/4 c. organic lemon juice

1 Tbl. coarse ground black pepper

1 tsp Himalayan coarse pink sea salt

1/8 c. grated dried sweet potatoes, or grated carrot

Mix all together until it weeps.  Refrigerate.  Serve cold with a hard boiled egg on top.  Delicious.  Replenishes lost electrolytes from hot weather!

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