6/10/17 Feeling OK on last week

They said I would feel better the last week before the next round of chemo starts again.  I went bicycling the last two mornings.  This morning I worked in the garden for the first time this month, all morning!  I got the greenhouse area cleaned up a bit and organized.  Now it is supposed to be wicked hot though…That may be it for outdoor work this week.

I’m having a tough time with looking so much older and uglier.  (Not that I was any beauty before…but it still is painful to go the wrong way!!)  Wait for this Fall when they start chopping off body parts that I’ve gotten used to…

I’ve had some lovely friends go out of their way to help us and do nice things for us…everything from making me a lunch here, to knitting a chemo cap for me, to supplying me with Cherry Garcia ice cream, to weeding or working in our garden!  I feel very warmly to them and very moved. I  hope that I can do something special for them in return.  There are angels on Earth.

I tried making a chemo cap that was for looking good when going out in the town.  It is supposed to be a Flappers Beaded Hat…  It might look good on someone else…   It does feel good to have the long beads on my neck to feel like something is there.


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