12/7/17 Halfway through radiation…maybe?

I met with the radiation oncologist, briefly, today.  Although I was told I’d be done before Christmas at first…then it was Dec. 29th (at least this year..)  …now she is saying there may be more after that!   I told her NO!  We have to end Dec. 29th so it will all be done in 2017!  Start 2018 fresh!  A new year!   She said “but you’re halfway through and doing great.”  But it’s cumulative and it’s starting to burn now more, …daily.  It will be the worst the week after I’m done.  I guess I’m doing OK, comparatively.  But it seems like they see how you’re doing and if you can tolerate more abuse, they do it!  Is being strong a good thing?

I went bicycling today.  I’m tired from the radiation but not sleepy at night.  About every third night I get a good night’s sleep.  I heard a podcast about sleep.  The expert said sleep is greatly undervalued.  He said everyone should get their 8 hours of sleep EVERY night.  Research shows a direct correlation between even a little less sleep ANY night and many serious illnesses, including cancer!  The less sleep you get the more your risk of cancer goes up, dramatically.

I did have a good day today though.  After the radiation, a brief doctor visit, and a trip to get fitted for a compression sleeve to prevent lymphodema, I ate a nice lunch and then went for a long bike ride.  I played some quiet classical music as I pedaled briskly in the cold.  I should have been doing work on the computer, or artwork, or something useful.  But maybe I’m getting the hang of taking care of myself first, finally.  I only have so many hours in the day.  I have no one to tell me what to do (after I leave the doctor’s office).  I am starting to find my way around here. I found another yarn shop yesterday and really liked the women and the place there.  Today, one of the knitters recognized me on the bike trail!  So, nice to NOT be a total foreigner in a foreign place.  I’m getting used to my cottage and the owners still seem to like me OK.  I was so worried that a guest for so long would wear on them.  I am trying hard to be a good guest.  Their kindness is touching.  I suppose I am finding the nice people in my life.  And I have no room for the others!

Gnome hill alongside the bike trail!

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