12/20/17 All I want for Christmas…

I’m in the home stretch, it looks like!  Just finish this week, and then the week after Christmas with the booster radiation week, and I’ll be DONE on Dec. 29th after all!  My goal was to be done in 2017.  I seem to be tolerating the radiation fairly well.  The skin is sunburned looking and a bit swollen.  And I’m tired, of course.  But yesterday was so nice outside I determined to go for a long bike ride on the rail trail after my radiation.  I bicycled for almost 4 hours!   I slept well last night!  Exercise seems key to recovery.  It’s sometimes hard when I’m dragging to begin with.  I wonder if maybe the oxygen from the exercise helps invigorate the whole system?  (A totally untested theory on my part!)  GENERALLY I am eating very well.  That feels better too.  (However, I did eat a lot (all) of the Christmas cookies Paula dropped off at my house before I left for this week’s treatments!)

Maybe people are busy with the holidays.  Not as many people come by our house now.  I hope that people will realize that I do plan to be around for many years to come.  I hope not everyone has written me off!  Cancer certainly is a turning point, or a marker point, in one’s life.  I have always looks at it as a temporary (however longer than I wished) interruption in my life to get through.

Merry Christmas.  I will be home for the 3 day Christmas weekend.

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