12/14/17 Getting there…

I’ve finished another week.  It looks like I will have to go into the first week of January with a “booster” dose of radiation to the incision area.  Apparently the incision area harbors cancer cells more than other tissue, so they give an increased dosage to just that are for another week.

I’m finally getting used to my new digs and the routine here, during the weekdays, up in Lutherville.  I even was able to do 3 good days of artwork this week!  (I have to feel comfortable to be able to do creative work, successfully.)  It takes a while to get used to so much change.  It also helps that the sinus infection is slowly going away!  I feel more energy now than I did the first week of radiation!  It must have been mostly the infection that knocked me down.  So, I’m feeling chipper about getting to see the home stretch now.

I have been a bit depressed, occasionally, because everyone is putting up Christmas lights, shopping, going to concerts or gatherings, and decorating…and I had to cancel Christmas this year.  I had better keep occupied with something, so I don’t think about it too much.  Frank tells me a Christmas tree showed up at house!  I will see it tomorrow when I head home for the weekend, again. (I guess someone thinks we should have some holiday cheer.)  I’ll try to at least cook some special foods or something.  I get Christmas day off from radiation treatments.

It looks like after this is over, I will be taking a drug that helps prevent cancer for hormone positive breast cancer patients.  I think it’s supposed to be for 5 years?  I’ll find out more mid January.  But, other than that, I’ll be done!  It may take about as long to recover from the radiation burning as I have been in treatments…but it should all be uphill from there.  Do I remember how to live a normal life?  I need a little normal-cy!

BTW, my hair is growing back nicely.  A lot of people like it as it is!!!!!  But I plan to reinstate the 1920s flapper style, when it grows out more.  I figure it’s almost 100 years; It’s time to bring back some of that fashion style.  So I’ll start the new fashion trend.  …It all started with the beaded flapper chemo cap I knit back at the beginning of this ordeal…

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