11/6/17 Thinking in Pink

So, I’ll be going for radiation on the 16th Nov.  I won’t finish now until at least the 29th Dec.!!!  (I was hoping to be done before Christmas.)  Now I hope to be done before 2018.  I’m learning of new (to me) possible side effects like losing my hair, again!!!!  And nausea!  I’ve lost about 20 pounds since May.  Fortunately I had that to lose.  Another 5 pounds will look OK.  After that I had better try hard to keep eating.  I think my stomach shrank with the chemo.  I just feel less need for the calories and I try to listen to what my body needs.  I feel pretty good now!  The surgery is mostly healed (well… I’m sure there is still healing going on, but I can function normally now.)  I feel tingling and occasional ache in my left arm, where the lymph nodes were removed.  But I’ve had no swelling of the arm and lymphedema (fortunately, because that is permanent.)

Today: after surgery and chemo..before radiation

I’m getting off my high horse about women covering up their heads and their breasts to claim their femininity.  It is such a long solitary journey that they should do what they need to do to keep their sanity.  And I really doubt women will ever stop being considered sex objects for men.  So, no wonder we need to keep our signs of womanhood: our hair and breasts, being the most obvious to the world.  I find myself wearing more PINK, more lace, and more flowers!  And I NEVER considered myself a “pink” kind of person before.  I understand the pink ribbons now.  I still plan to show my shorn head unabashedly.  And I don’t plan on wearing breast cancer pink ribbons…but maybe some pink lace will be OK..

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