11/21/17 Coming home for Thanksgiving

My first week in Lutherville radiation is almost over.  Tomorrow morning I go in for a treatment and then I join the maddening crowd of drivers and TRY to drive home, in under 4 hours??  I had a bad sinus infection that made it tough to breathe, when I was supposed to be perfectly still for 30 minutes and holding my breath for 35 sec. at a time.  I’m on antibiotics again.  I know it is a sinus infection and not a virus because it responded within a few doses.  I’m starting to feel better.  I went for a bike ride on the rail trail up here today.  I went slow but for quite a while.  It’s not paved, but it’s pretty nice.  I found the knitting store yesterday and found a place to hang out with other knitters, when I feel up to it.  I didn’t get as much done this week as hoped, because I slept so much.  I get 4 days off for Thanksgiving!  Yippee!

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