11/17/17 Day 2 of Radiation

Yesterday was tough.  I had a sinus drip and my throat was itchy.  AND I had to hold still for about an hour (just for the first day), with a tube in my mouth to breath from, and my nose clamped shut (breathing in pulls the heart up, away from radiation burns).  I thought I was going to choke!  And I was told to not move AT ALL.  I was so exhausted from the effort of getting everything ready for getting here and the stress of it all.  I didn’t sleep much the first night.  I felt like a zombie yesterday.  Today went better.  I pretty much took it as a sick day.  I was hoping to go for a bike ride after my radiation treatment in the morning.  But I thought better of it.  I mostly just read a suspense rot-gut novel, and slept, and drank lots of fluids.  (And chicken soup I brought from my friend Paula!)  I have tomorrow off all day.  Again, I don’t know if I will feel well enough for bicycling.  It’s about 15 minutes to the Rail Trail.  (No possibility of bicycling on the narrow high speed roads anywhere here.)  Sunday I have a 7:20 AM radiation treatment.  Maybe I will be able to get out then, weather permitting.

The hosts here, for my cottage, are exceedingly generous of spirit.  They were probably hoping for a more sociable guest.  (I was looking for more of a hibernation spot for this period.)  Maybe I will feel more sociable in a little while?? My throat is still sore…but not as bad as last night.  It’s not from the radiation…not so soon.  It’s just from being spent and possibly on the verge of illness.  I know I felt I hit the wall about 3 weeks ago.  I may be strong, but I know when I’ve reached capacity.

The JH office has little to no flexibility for scheduling my radiation time conveniently.  They say everyone will want changes.  I have to say that not having a later start for Mondays (so I have to drive in the wee hours of the dark mornings) is more stressful to me than a lot of the other stuff I’ve been through!  What a country mouse I have become.  I get to drive home on Weds. before Thanksgiving, the worst driving day of the year.  Ugh.

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