11/14/17 Day before the next chapter…

I’ve packed my recumbent trike, my laptop, knitting projects, drawing/painting supplies, and my spinning wheel.  The car looks pretty full.  Tomorrow morning I will put in my small suitcase of clothes and a cooler of food.  I almost forgot shoes!  I cooked for Frank so he has a fridge full of food for the week.  I loaded all the stuff I need to find onto GPS.  (Essential places like: a natural food market, the knitting store!!, the Rails-to-Trails parking  area, and the medical center!)  I don’t understand why they won’t give me my radiation schedule, until I actually START, so I can plan the next couple of months of my life!!??  Don’t they know how hard it is to uproot from a farm, art business, and home and just leave for 6 straight weeks?  And this during the holiday season to boot.   Heck, we can’t even manage a vacation for more than 8-10 days max; the logistics are so challenging.  But it is the first time in nearly 20 years I have NOT had to butcher a flock of turkeys for everyone else’s Thanksgiving.  (After butchering them, I couldn’t bend my fingers for a couple of days, they would be so sore.)  I get spared that job forevermore.

I feel very good right now.  That will be amended soon, I imagine.  I have heard stories of everything from it being the easiest treatment to bear for breast cancer, to very bad symptoms of burning skin, pain, nausea, burning of the throat, lungs, and sometimes the heart muscle.  I’ll know soon enough.  It seems like they should have walked me into the treatment area to let me see what I’m getting into and see how the patients look/feel.  They did that for chemo.  It helped.  As an artist, my imagination is probably worse than the reality.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  I’ll try to post again soon.

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