7/7/17 Bald and turkey-less

This next week starts the round of chemo again.  I don’t feel too bad today and have, for a few days, felt OK.  They said the last week I would probably feel OK.
My hair was falling out so I had a friend shear my head.  I thought I’d not mind being bald.  But I looked in the mirror and my head looks too small, white (from no sun for decades), and generally really stupid looking.  I still don’t think I’m a wig kind of person.  I knit a few caps but Frank doesn’t like some of them.  So, I’m still working on them.
I was surprised at how embarrassed I felt at being so unattractive.  First they make you feel like terrible; Now I look like terrible.  Not fair.  It’s very demoralizing.
The good news is that this chemo is very targeted and effective.  After just 2 weeks, the big tumor is a fraction of its size!!!  It’s working.  If I can tolerate the chemo, it should work 100%.
Turkeys were packed up and moved to Accokeek National Historic Farm today.  It was a lot of work packing equipment and then the birds.  But it is done.  Please go visit and bring “Buffy”, and the gang, some raisins or apples.  I will miss them.  I hope they like their new home.  Joe, their new caretaker, seems to work well with them.

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