10/9/17 Post-chemo different hair color!

I went to another post-op appointment at JH Hospital today with the surgeon.  He seemed pleased with everything.  The infection burst out of the incision area, dramatically, on Thursday night.  But fever is gone and the pain and pressure are gone.  I still am on antibiotics.  He says the remaining swelling is normal and not to worry.  I’m feeling so much better than last week.  I almost went to the ER Thursday evening, before it took care of itself.

I had a great reception at my “Food and Farms” exhibit Friday evening.  Thanks so much to the Gallery artists for their help.  I could not have done it without them.

I am not going for reconstructive surgery.  I am “going flat” (the term used for it today).  So I need some undergarments that protect my ribs and thin muscles, close to the skin.  I also will have radiation burns that are supposed to make one’s skin very painful.  So I learned how to crochet this week so I can make these soft knit/crocheted camis as attractive protective undergarments.  I guess I can’t lie and say this is me now, post-chemo, with my newly grown out different hair color??!! (since I don’t have the breasts this model has!!!)??!!!  But, my hair is starting to grow now.  It’s a fuzz on my head now.  Now that I have hid my head for months, I am tired of it and NOT going to wear anything on my head (unless I’m cold).  I’m tired of worrying what everyone else is thinking of me. Forget it!

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