10/4/17 A bit of a setback…

I saw the surgeon on Monday, for my 2 week post-op appointment.  I had a little swelling on the right side (my “good” side) but where the drain pulled out a bit (even though it is sewn in…and not supposed to do that.)  He was thrilled at how it looked and how I was doing.  But as that day wore on, I got chilled, then feverish.  And the swelling got progressively worse over the next couple of days so it is very swollen, hard, red irritated skin, and very painful (worse than any time since the surgery).  I also have fever come and go.  So, today I was prescribed antibiotics.  I hope they kick in soon.  I hope it works.  It hurts a lot.

I was supposed to start physical therapy tomorrow.  But that is postponed at least a week.  I have to get some mobility before radiation treatments.

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