10/30/17 Simulation tomorrow

Tomorrow I go to Johns Hopkins for the radiation simulation.  They will fit me for a device that will keep both arms overhead for the 30 minutes required of holding still for radiation.  I finished post surgery physical therapy today, locally.  I can get my arms fully overhead now!  But it’s still so tight from the huge incision across my chest.  But I made great progress…better than I thought I could in such a short time.  And my posture is better.  They assured me I couldn’t rip open my incision with stretching, so I pushed it.  But I ripped it open a little…(maybe it was from the fast, long bicycle ride I did on Saturday.)   I will also have something to keep me from breathing for 30+ sec. at a time when they are sending the radiation close to my heart (so it doesn’t burn it, hopefully).  I don’t know if I’m cleared for using the riding mower yet, but today I hopped on it and did some mowing of the pasture.  I was going a bit stir crazy and needed to feel like I could do some of the chores I used to do.  I’m using the new compression sleeve on my left arm at least.  After lymph nodes are removed, I don’t want the arm to swell up.  Apparently it is irreversible once the damage is done…and no one can tell me yet how much exercise or lifting is too much.  But the compression sleeve feels pretty good to wear.

Long day coming up tomorrow… I’ve been feeling very tired the last two weeks.  I think I sort of hit the wall mentally.  I’m starting to get a list of things I’ll need for my 5-6 weeks away for the radiation treatment.  Just when I start to feel OK again I need to think about being abused by the next step in this very long process.

My art show is over.  I picked up the last of the paintings this morning.  It’s amazing that I fit that in with the whole cancer schedule.  The show went very well.  Now I will focus on the books I’m illustrating.

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